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The geotextile gardening expert

Bourgeon has designed a technically advanced grow bag by developing its model with a recyclable and breathable geotextile.
With this high quality geotextile, Bourgeon has achieved excellence in strength, durability, aeration and moisture retention in one product.

Garden easily and everywhere

Our bags are perfect for creating a vegetable garden on a balcony or a terrace. It is suitable when your land is poor or stony.
Unlike plastic or clay pots, geotextile bags allow the roots to breathe which increases and improves the root growth of your plants.

Our collection is growing

In order to offer you even more choices for your gardening, we are pleased to present our new geotextile planting pots, lined on the outside with a beautiful high-end Teslin fabric.
Completely resistant, yet still breathable.
We simply love them!

Our vertical planters VERTIGO®

Our vertical planters are perfect for growing your green plants, strawberry plants, salads or herbs, turning any unused area into a lush, living vertical garden!

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