Faire pousser des pommes de terre en sac de culture

Growing potatoes in a grow bag

Sprout the potatoes in a dry, airy place with light for 4 to 6 weeks. When the sprouts have reached 2 to 3 cm with a purple color, you can consider planting them. Place 5 cm of soil at the bottom of the planting bag. Place the tubers with the sprout upwards and cover them with 10 cm of soil. Water lightly.
Once the foliage appears, add another 10 cm of soil. Repeat the process once more, then when the foliage passes over the bag, recover the potatoes by turning the soil to the bottom of the bag. It is recommended to choose early varieties for planting in March. 

Opt for a planting bag if you lack space! An easy and quick to set up above ground culture for any type of culture. Think about it!