Jardinez en sac de plantation en géotextile

Garden in geotextile grow bags

The vegetables from one's own garden have a special flavor, that of a healthy soil cultivated without chemicals in a sustainable and eco-responsible way.

The benefits of grow bag culture:
  • You are free to grow your vegetable garden anywhere, on your terrace or in your garden, nothing could be easier.
  • Grow bags are ideal containers for growing vegetables, their large size allows the roots to develop and grow with all the necessary resources.
  • The plants grow harmoniously in excellent conditions.
  • You don't need to have rich soil or dig your soil full of rocks.
  • Change your vegetable garden according to your desires.


How to garden in a grow bag?
  1. Place a layer of clay ball at the bottom of your bag
  2. Fill it with a bag of soil
  3. Prefer a compound mixture (half potting soil, one quarter topsoil, one quarter compost)
  4. Plant according to your desires


For an optimal development, expose your bag of culture in a temperate place.

You now have all the information to start growing in a bag, find our wide range of products.