Le jardinage en Mai

Gardening in May

  • All summer flowers can now be planted.
  • You can still sow annuals in place, including climbers (nasturtium, morning glory, sweet peas, etc.),
  • Plant lily of the valley in the shade.
  • Cut the stems of perennials which are deflowered (iris, aubrietes...) without touching the leaves,
  • Make a trimming of the roses, remove the suckers of the roses, the suckers of lilac and hazelnut,
  • Pull out defoliated spring bulbs and continue planting summer bulbs.
  • Take out the cacti and succulents as well as the plants in containers (oleander...).
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs and coniferous hedges,
  • Prune heathers that have finished blooming,
  • Making hydrangea cuttings.
  • At home, during the second half of the month, gradually bring out the plants that are hardy enough to spend the summer outside on the terrace.
  • If you have a veranda or a greenhouse, ventilate it well during the day.