Le jardinage en Mars

Gardening in March

The flowers of the season are beginning to appear and brighten up the garden: primroses, serviceberry, Japanese quince, prunus, mimosa, and of course the inevitable yellow forsythia announcing the arrival of spring!

  • In the ornamental garden, remove and store winter protection.
  • Put compost at the foot of the irises and peonies.
  • For the shrubs, prune all the hedges, as well as the deflowered camellia, the hibiscus, the buddleia, the wisteria... Also prune your last rosebushes.
  • Treat oleanders with Bordeaux mixture to avoid bacterial blight or pseudomonia which manifests itself as black spots. 
  • If it is not too cold, prune the fruit trees and especially the vine. 
  • Tie up the twigs of trellised fruit trees.
  • Wait until the risk of frost has disappeared to graft the cherry trees in slit.