Les plantations en Avril

Planting in April

  • Sowing of melons, squash, carrots, cabbage, spinach, green beans, radishes, lettuce, beets, and other vegetables can begin.
  • Plant early potatoes and summer leeks, as well as celery root and ribbed celery.
  • You will have to thin out the carrot seedlings made in March, leaving one plant every 4 to 5 cm.
  • It's time to transplant lettuce plants.
  • Divide the chives, sow the parsley.
  • Prepare the ground where you will plant your tomatoes. Only regions with a mild climate will be able to start planting them in the second half of April. 
  • Divide rhubarb to replant at home or to give to friends.
  • This is the last time to plant small fruit bushes: red currant, black currant, raspberry. 
  • Sow the annual flowers directly in place: gaillardia, California poppy, nasturtium, snapdragon, cosmos, zinnia...
  • Plant perennials in your beds
  • Plant dahlias as well as bulbs that will bloom in summer or fall (lilies, gladioli, cannas...)
  • It's time to prepare the balcony and terrace planters that you will fill with summer flowers. 
  • Mulch your strawberry plants.