Geotextile wall planter - Vertigo®
Geotextile wall planter - Vertigo®

Geotextile wall planter - Vertigo®

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  • Healthier root system
  • Faster-producing plant
  • Free delivery on orders over $50
  • Breathable & durable fabric

Beautify your living space

Our wall planters are perfect for growing green plants, strawberries, salads or herbs, transforming any unused area into a vibrant, lush vertical garden!
Planting flowers or other plants will enhance your lifestyle and make your daily life more peaceful.

Space saving

Our wall-mounted planters allow you to grow plants vertically in a small space, an apartment, or a tight outdoor space. All your walls can now accommodate your small garden.

Micro-ventilated geotextile material

Our ultra-resistant geotextile allows the roots of your plants to breathe and lets excess water pass through. Water will flow from pocket to pocket to the waterproof receptor at the base of the planter. The result is healthy plants and moisture-free walls and floors!

Our geotextile is 100% recyclable, washable, non-toxic and UV and cold-resistant.

Easy to fix

It can be easily mounted on a wall using sturdy metal grommets for added strength.

how to install it:

Simply attach it to the wall with hooks, nails or rope.
Put soil and plant in the hanging pockets.
Water the plants and let your green wall grow and flourish daily.


100cm high and 30cm wide (40" high and 12" wide). The back of the planter bag and the base are waterproof to prevent water from entering.

Bourgeon ORIGINAL®

(diameter x height)
XS: Ø20cm 10L 20x20cm
S: Ø30cm 20L 30x30cm
M: Ø50cm
60L 50x30cm
L: Ø70cm
160L 70x40cm
XL: Ø90cm
320L  90x50cm

Bourgeon PREMIUM®

(diameter x height)
S: Ø12cm 2L 12x12cm
M: Ø20cm 10L 20x20cm
L: Ø30cm 20L 30x30cm
XL: Ø40cm 50L 40x40cm


20L bag
plante pour sac 30cm sac 60L plante pour sac 50cmsac70cm
plante pour sac 70cm
sac 90cm
plante sac 90cm
sac 90cm
plante sac 90cm

At Bourgeon, we love our beautiful nature.
That is why we have chosen to use high-quality materials that are 100% recyclable.
In addition, to achieve a neutral carbon footprint, we plant a tree for each order.

These trees are planted in deforested areas.
Thanks to this action, the forests come back to life and nature takes its place.

Each tree planted can store between 10kg and 50kg of CO2 per year.

Our products are shipped within 48 hours.
If you change your mind, you can return your item within 14 days.

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